Roasted pigeon is a specialty and the most popular dish proudly presented by Lung Wah Hotel. It is not only delicious but also nutritious. Pigeon meat contains over 15% of protein and has up to 97% of digestibility. Therefore, this dish suits patrons of all ages from children to elderly.  

Shatin Lung Wah Pigeon(沙田龍華乳鴿) ”was such a famous Hong Kong gourmet brand that even New York Times featured it 40 years ago. People often ask: what’s the secret behind this dish? According to Mr William Mark (唯靈)the  famous food critic in town, apart from using only 26-28 day old baby pigeons, a special chef has been hired to oversee the production of the roasted pigeons to guarantee their high standard.

There was such a local saying: "Visiting Hong Kong without trying the Lung Wah pigeons is like you have never been to Hong Kong."